Carmela Clutch – Help & I’m Stuck In My Shirt – BrazzersExxtra


The beautiful Carmela Clutch needs to take a soothing bathtub. She fills the bathtub and… wait a minute! Her prime is so tight and her boobs are so large that she will’t take it off. Oh no! Her pants are additionally too tight due to her juicy butt. What’s she going to do? She barely has time to yell “Assist! I’m caught in my shirt!” out the window when her scorching neighbor Oliver Flynn kicks the lavatory door open to avoid wasting her. Oliver pulls on the shirt and cuts two holes open for Carmela”s boobs to breathe once more. Then, he flips the damsel round and rips her pants aside – together with his TEETH! Carmela is so grateful that Oliver helped her out of this terrible scenario. Why not give him a present? The sumptuous lady drizzles oil throughout her chest and lets her sexy visitor deal with the remainder.